A Tale of Two Starbucks

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… On the way home from work today, I felt like a Chantico, which is like drinking steamed chocolate syrup. I love hot chocolate and chocolate in general, so it’s hard for me to resist:p So I called Yut and we agreed that I would go get a Chantico and then call him and we’d meet up between Starbucks and his office and go home from there. Well, I got the Chantico, but I got all the way to his office and called him again, and he said he was outside of Starbucks. So we were like… how’d we miss each other?! Well so we both started walking, him back to his office building, and me back to the Starbucks. When he reached his office and didn’t see me, he called, and said, “How’d that happen again?! Wait, what street are you on?” Turns out we were talking about different Starbucks — there are two close to his office. He went to the one that was more on the way home and closer to his office, and I went to the one that was between where I was when I first called and his office. But the Chantico was delish!

Speaking of Starbucks, I bought myself a $50 Starbucks gift card this past weekend. Already used up 10 bucks! Gah!

If you’re wondering why I go around buying myself gift cards, it’s like this:
We have one of those cash back credit cards, where they give you a certain percentage back for your purchases, but double that amount back for your purchases at gas stations, grocery stores, and drug stores. So when we went to Safeway on Sunday, I figured, well this is a grocery store! And Safeway has all these available gift cards. So I figure, if I buy from Safeway, I’ll get double rewards, whereas if I buy from Starbucks, I’ll just get regular rewards! So our grocery bill was like $120, $50 of which was my Starbucks card. The checkout lady commented, “Wow, you sure like coffee, huh?” Teeheehee. I am a savings genius! Penny wise, pound smart! Never mind the $2.65 for a 6 oz. chocolate drink:p


  1. lmao o so smartie pants of u saving money like that~ seems like ct! hehehhe… geez u and tigs… -_-;; lmao… chintico… i cant seem to stand… i dunno why buh its just too much chocolate for me.>_

  2. i like the chantico on occasion, when i don’t need a coffee. we get the giftcards too but mostly ‘cos we almost always seem to be outta cash and well if i’m gonna charge my cc i might as well do $40 than little (ok $7 that’s not *that* little) charges.

  3. p.s. perhaps i comment on your blog too thoroughly (=

  4. I loooove comments! :)
    That’s like saying something’s too chocolatey:p <ahem>
    But yeah, it’s a tough decision… Chantico? Or Pumpkin spice? hrmmm

  5. Never had a Chantico but that photo of liquid chocolate… I could use one right about now. ooh

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