American Idol Redux 1

St. Louis auditions were today. Having once lived in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, I am glad to report that St. Louis was worse! Even cringier!
Um. Woohoo! :D

Although usually I love watching Simon, I thought he was sort of mean to the triplets. Calling them fat? Pointless. He said the same thing about Kimberley Locke, but she did ok. Yut points out that it might have helped them if they hadn’t gone in dressed the way they did (little short pink mini dresses with frilly bottoms). It was like 3 Barbie wannabes. Simon et. al. didn’t comment on people who were bigger than the triplets who dressed less Barbie-ish.

Actually though, today, all the judges (except Simon) were cattier. Simon was normal level for him.

Even though I spend all this time talking about American Idol, it’s not even my favorite reality tv show — it’s just the one that started after I started blogging:p My fave reality tv show is The Amazing Race. But it’s not a guilty pleasure because I genuinely think that it’s a good show. This particular installment though, has been a little disappointing because all of the people left in the race are the younger, physically fitter, “pretty” couples. It’s more fun when it’s different types of people with different relationships with each other (like sisters, best friends, &c&c). Two of the teams are being called a “model alliance” and it’s not because they have held onto an alliance for this long:p It’s because the 4 people in the two teams are actors and/or models:p And there’s only 6 teams left (I haven’t seen this week’s episode because we have it saved on our ReplayTV DVR). So yeah, but whatever, it’s still fun. And let’s not forget that Phil (the host) is definitely “a choo-choo Charlie and a class act,” to quote Kristy, one of the contestants who is already out. :D

Wait, I just realized: I have a favorite reality tv show! Gah. <shame> But not enough to stop watching:p


  1. my favorite tv show is the apprentice, hehe.

  2. I like that one, too:) (Really, there are reality shows that I *don’t* watch! I swear!)

    But last season, towards the end, he stopped doing the “cobra.” I miss it now even though I make fun of it all the time! :D New one starts soon, we’ll see if their new gimmick is any good.

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