doing a few of my favorite things (with digressions)

Saturday I slept in ’til about 1pm (you may want to read that as 1something:p), waking up only cos I had to pee pretty badly, not cos I set any sort of alarm:D It felt so lovely snuggled up inside the flannel sheets and comforter (omg, my fingers just typed out “computer” when I meant to type “comforter,” this is sick:p). I love flannel in winter.

I called misa up cos we’d said something about a dinner on Saturday earlier on this last week, but along with bad time sense, I’m not really a great planner unless I have to — if I am ever in an interview, and they ask me about my logistical talents, I would be screwed. So anyhows, we made dinner plans for 7:30. Clearly, this meant that I would have plenty of time later for chores, so I got Yut to play some hotseat Civ III with me instead… Civ is one of those games where once I start, a whole day can go by with me in my pj’s thinking, “just ONE more turn, then I’ll…” Which is what happened. But I’ll tell you what: The Celts are smashing the Carthaginians!!! That’ll teach you to pick on me, Hannibal, elephant or no elephant! (disclaimer: There are no elephant units in Civ III, please do not buy this game hoping for elephants; the Carthaginian unique unit in the game is the Numidian mercenary.) I only stopped at 6:50 or so cos I just had to get ready to leave the apartment and also, I still had her belated birthday presents unwrapped:p

We went to Pearl Oyster Bar & Restaurant because all of us love raw oysters and raw fish and raw whatever basically. They don’t take reservations, and the wait was an hour but they gave us a big lobster shaped pager (really cool looking — neb took a picture I will try to get a copy). So we went a couple doors down to Cactus Taqueria and got a pitcher of beer and some crispy shrimp tacos — yum! Those Cactus crispy tacos are soooo good! Then we went to Pearl and got some wine and the oyster sampler, tuna poke, Maine peekytoe crab cakes, and spiced fries with aioli. Everything was delicious! They had 6 types of oysters, all good; the tuna poke was raw tuna, diced and marinated with soy sauce, sesame oil, and ginger served on a bed of diced cucumber with a sesame cracker; the crab cakes had lots of crab; and the fries I think were spiced with paprika (all ingredient type information is just guesses on my part). Yut and I shared a hot fudge sundae for dessert and neb and misa had Meyer lemon cheesecake, I think. It was all yummilicious:) The only quibble I have with this restaurant is that I think if we hadn’t all had 1 1/2 tacos before we went to Pearl, not all of us would’ve been totally full.

Then we came back and played Mario Power Tennis and Ikaruga for a little bit. Yut and misa beat neb and me… I blame the alcohol and the cold:p I also showed misa The Sims 2 cos I really like it, we both enjoyed The Sims Bustin’ Out on the GameCube, and in May I think it will come out for the Mac. Actually, the Sims is a big seller and v. popular, I had thought that they did have a Mac version already; I can’t understand why they didn’t have simultaneous Mac and Windows releases — that just seems silly to me. Anyways, I had a lovely time.

So far this weekend, I have accomplished a lot!: the stay home (most of the day), play games (lots), sleep (lots), eat (yummy), which leaves just the laundering and the grocerying:p Plenty of time left, I think I’ll go play some Sims now:)


  1. tuna poke and oysters… i could eat those *all* day.

    i wish i weren’t at work today! lucky you! wah!

  2. I know! Me too. I think we are going to have to try to make it someday. The tuna poke that is. I don’t know the first thing about anything to do with oysters except eating them:D

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