I am tired! And it’s not cos I had a long day at work, it’s cos we went to open houses today. Well okay, if I’m going to be completely truthful, it’s also because I stayed up til 6am this morning starting a new Civ game. So now we have a hotseat game going on my laptop, and a LAN game going on our regular computers:) But never mind that!

Anyways, we’ve been sorta house hunting for like a year and a half now, but we’re v. stop and go about the whole thing. Home prices in the Bay Area (or maybe just the parts we’re interested in) are just wiggedy wack (not just wack, wiggedy wack! :D) and also, we have NO idea what we’re doing, and we’re picky and indecisive to boot:p So we’ll be really resolute and good about going out to look at houses and stuff for like 3 months or so, then we’ll get all depressed about it, and so we’ll find an excuse to take a break from it. Our last excuse was all of the autumn traveling and holidays — good enough for a three month break:D What I would really like is for a nice-ish house that’s affordable-ish that’s really close to either work or a BART station:D Haha, as if:p

I think I’m going to go manage my workers and cities now. And watch Arrested Development. And eat Cheetos:p