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So it used to be a mess, but I cleaned up my desktop:D
V. productive, that’s what I am.


  1. My desk is a total mess. I should take a picture of it sometime. Every few months I recycle an inch-high stack of paper (did that yesterday) and it’s still a mess.

  2. I like the cleaned-up desktop…always bothers me when there are lots of extra icons floating around… although your cubicle needs some papers and artwork to hang on it :) I would submit a photo of my desk, but too embarrassing! Too many cactuses and discarded food packages…

  3. Hehe, that’s still pretty good that you clean:p Before I moved (and was forced to clean:p), my desk was so horrible — I had all this paper and stuff strewn across everywhere. When I cleaned it up, it turned out it wasn’t so much after all:p Maybe two inches stacked up:p Like a paper version of my desktop before I cleaned it up. Embarassing! But now at least I know I’m not the only one:p haha, oh yes!

    I still have to finish putting up my stuff, like the x-men figurines I got from eating kids’ meals at Burger King back in the day:p I don’t know though, the clean look is so refreshingly different right now:D

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