In Memoriam

Today is the 60th anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz.
Two weeks ago, pictures of Prince Harry in a Nazi uniform surfaced.
This month, President Bush declared a goal of “ending tyranny in our world.”
Last year, the United States declared the crisis in Sudan a “genocide,” but in February, the crisis will have been a crisis for two years.


  1. Just saw Hotel Rwanda… Really makes you think… how the U.S. is loathe to use the term genocide, because then when they sit back and don’t do anything to stop it, they get a lot of criticism… how the U.N. doesn’t have the support or troops that it needs to be a factor… How the U.S. won’t go into Africa anymore since the Black Hawk Down…

  2. I haven’t seen Hotel Rwanda yet. I think I will try to this weekend, maybe:)

    I just think that… after WWII, it was all about “Never forget,” but clearly, we are forgetting, in more ways than one. Although I’m not trying to say that there are easy answers, or that we should go blundering in, but … I don’t know.

  3. ugh… bush! @#$%@$##@! everything he says is so much baloney.

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