In my dreams…

I am a total freakazoid. But more on that later.

I got back from work late today (I blame Dell:p). On a Friday! Grrrr

We went to Mario’s La Fiesta to pick up dinner, which as usual was flautas. There’s lots of good Mexican restaurants around here, so we have a thing we usually get at each one. At El Sombrero Taqueria, we get their fat burrito especial, at Mario’s, we get their flautas, &c&c. We watched Jeopardy while we ate. Today’s Final Jeopardy category was something like “Children in Literature.” The answer was something like “In a 1902 book, this boy first flew away from his parents when he was 7 weeks old.” The questions was “Who is Peter Pan?” To me, that seemed a little too easy. One dude got it wrong, but I think it was cos he second-guessed himself — he guessed the little prince.

Well anyhows, after dinner and tv, I was really tired. I thought I’d read a little bit in bed before playing some games or something, but instead I fell asleep. Right after dinner! Gah!
I woke up waaaay later (it’s why I’m up posting at this hour of the morning:p) cos my dream started to get too weird, even for my sleep mind:p First I dreamed I was like 9 months pregnant and I was ginormous and I had to pee ALL the time, then I had this horrific labor. Not that I actually remember the labor but just that it was horrible. I think I’ve been reading too many blogs that wrote about impending motherhood:p Or maybe it was the giant baby:p Then I had a baby, and he was cute (and clean and not wrinkly and he had hair, don’t know how that happened) and he smiled a lot and gurgled, but he didn’t cry. Aren’t babies supposed to cry first thing? So I was all worried about that. And I still had to pee! And I was holding him and looking out the window and it was snowing! It never snows around here! I was completely bewildered, AND STRESSED. But then I woke up. I think it was too much weirdness all at once for my mind to handle:p

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  1. messed up dude. although i’ve had a pregnancy dream or two. but my theory is that it’s *really* just that your body has to pee and your mind will make up whatever justification for that it can, hehe. i *HATE* the have-to-pee dreams. i always go pee in my dream (and how boring is that) but i STILL have to go. sucks big time.

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