My Mama Tol’ Me

For years, even after I turned 21, my mom insisted that drinking was terrible and I wasn’t to overdo it. Except her idea of overdoing it is like a glass of wine or something:p Half a glass every now and then is quite acceptable, but two half glasses, goodness gracious! She was the best anti-drinking propagandist ever. Then a couple of weeks ago, I read that a daily drink helps keep the brain sharp! I forwarded this to my sister, who told my mom. When I called that weekend, my sister and mother were both pretty giggly. Turns out they’d taken the information to heart and had a bit of sake after dinner. I could hear my mom saying to my sister (who was extremely jolly) that she was overdoing it (old habits are hard to break, I guess) and my sister telling my mum, “it’s good for you!” Glad to be of service, as ever:)

Also, it turns out that fidgeting is good for you, too. I have sort of a hard time sitting still — I have to concentrate:p If I’m just sitting, I’ll end up shaking my legs, or swiveling around in my chair, or playing with my fingers or something. Anyhows, my mom hates that! She says it’s not ladylike, and why can’t I just sit still, and stop that! &c&c. But all that fidgeting burns “about 350 extra calories a day!” Oooooh yes!

All I’m waiting for now is to hear that a bowl of chili supplemented with Flamin’ Hot Limon Cheetos (0 grams Trans Fat!) is a good-for-you dinner.

Addendum: As ever, for registration information, if you don’t want to register. I don’t work for or on, btw. Actually, I try to not talk about work — not interested in getting dooced:p


  1. LMAO thats just hilarious~ hahahahha

  2. So here’s my post-drinking results: I come to work today and, maybe it’s a Monday thing, but my roommate had to remind me something three or four times in the course of a few hours. I have no short term memory! Could it be possible that I overdid it and killed my short-term-memory brain cells? – ct

  3. Oh and I wouldn’t be surprised if your Flamin’ Cheetos will be healthy one day.

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