American Idol is my guilty little secret. Well not-so-secret, now.
I can’t help it, I somehow enjoy watching Simon excoriate every marginally or not-so-marginally talented person who dares audition. Even better, I enjoy watching these people act surprised and insulted and as if they can’t believe he’d be so rude when he says something horrible — hello people, this is season 4! Granted, it’s a sort of schadenfreude, but I love schadenfreude. Well it’s schadenfreude interspersed with moments of I-can’t-bear-to-watch-this-poor-guy-embarass-him(or her)self-like-this-any-longer <cringe>. It’s also fun to watch the other judges wuss out and have Simon make the first comment whenever the person did pretty badly. So auditioners, if the judges say, “Simon?” after your audition you are screwed! He’s not always in the majority, and he’s not always right, but if they are quiet and have Simon comment first it’s overs, sorry, goodbye!

During tonight’s tv watching (I watched a lot of tv tonight actually — 2 episodes of Law & Order: SVU (last week and this week’s, thank you Replay), and Jeopardy besides the American Idol), I saw an advertisement with former Presidents Bush and Clinton in a joint effort to encourage tsunami relief donations and advertise a .gov address where vetted aid organizations are listed (I don’t remember the link, sorry, but this list of Organizations Working in the Disaster Area should be similar). Anyways, even though it’s for a good cause, still I felt sort of annoyed by them and the ad. They both looked so uncomfortable somehow and yet so eager to be in front of the camera, or something. Just weird. Then one of their lines was something like “We speak tonight not as Presidents, but as private citizens” and the first thought that came was “DUH!! You’re ex-Presidents! Of course you’re not speaking as the President!!” Grrr. Nitpicky, I know:p

Anyhows, moving on! Well okay, moving on, but with one parting quote from Miss Manners:

Our Founding Fathers established American protocol to be simple and unpretentious – and thus antithetical to the modern taste.

Nevertheless, the rule is that titles pertaining to an office that only one person occupies at a time are not used after retirement. A former president can use a previously held, non-unique title, as the first one did by reverting to Gen. Washington in retirement, or the plain citizen’s “Mr.”

This means that former President Bush should probably be Ambassador Bush (his highest non-unique previous title, if I am remembering it right) and former President Clinton should be Governor Clinton. Gah. Self-aggrandizing, that’s how it seemed somehow, even though it was about giving aid to others.

Okay, back to the whole moving on thing! We did another load of laundry today! Yay:)


  1. Wait a minute… then shouldn’t he go by something other than Governor Clinton… oh wait, never mind :)

  2. American Idol is so awesome.. all those people who can’t sing for their lives still go bcuz they wanna b famous.. and watchin Simon turn them down in his own fashion ^___^

  3. Use schadenfreude 3 times in one post?! nerdy! (=

    Although to be fair I thought it’s common for people to still call Clinton & other ex presidents “Mr President” even if it’s not officially correct so maybe it’s one of these evolving things; enough people screw it up and it’s officially ok.

    I saw that SVU last night too. hehe. although the plot was familiar… but it was new… was it based on something i’ve heard before?

  4. I thought Ambassador Bush was pretty hard to figure out because he’s held a lot of unique titles:p So I’m not sure I’m right. When the current President is not president anymore, they will be Ambassador and Governor Bush. Wow craziness. Unless they decide to be both just Mr. President.
    I think I was predisposed to be annoyed at them because of what I felt from them and that advert. Anyhows, if other people do it, it’s like they’re being nice to the ex-presidents. But if the ex-president does it, that seems wrong:p

    Simon is what makes American Idol fun to watch:D People boo him all the time, but they’ll never get rid of him cos their ratings would go way down without him:p

    As for SVU, I don’t know if this is what you were thinking of, but the crime aspects of it reminded me of the whole Leopold & Loeb ( and Murder By Numbers ( — not that I’ve ever seen it — thing. But it’s the whole rich kids try (or succeed at) committing “the perfect crime” sort of thing. The other parts of it didn’t particularly remind me of anything that I can think of.

  5. Nah, not the perfect crime part, but the part where some crazy doctor tried to make a boy into a girl ‘cos of a childhood injury. (Two penile injuries in one episode!)

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