Ooooh yes! It’s Friday! And thanks to Martin Luther King, Jr. I get Monday off too. Still though, somehow, it won’t make going back to work Tuesday any easier:p
But I’m getting too far ahead of myself.

I loooooove weekends. Basically because I can sleep in and not have to keep track of time. I have horrible time sense, so keeping track of time is hard, and I LOVE SLEEP. You know how people talk about how they can get by with like 6 hours of sleep or whatever? Well NOT me! I need more like 8 minimum and 9 for happiness, with a capacity for sleeping something close to 20 hours being my current record. So yeah, the weekdays, they’re just soooo tough! And the weekend, it’s such bliss:)

But this weekend, I think I have to do some choresy stuff. We haven’t gone grocery shopping since before Christmas last year, and the fridge is mighty bare. Not that I don’t like takeout mind you. Just it’s been a while since I cooked anything. Also, laundry, haven’t done laundry since New Years. So yes, that. But besides those 2 things, I am planning on doing what I do most weekends: Stay home! Play games! Read books!

We’ll see how much of that I actually manage to accomplish this weekend. Ha! :D