Hehe, that sounds like a soap opera. A bad one:p

Okay, so I’ve been told that I did NOTHING this weekend. But it’s not true! I mean, besides the eating and the hanging out and the beating down of the Carthaginian army (I haven’t had a chance to completely smash their whole civilization yet, what with my busy weekend and all) and the managing of my Sims, I had to sleep!

Yesterday (Sunday the 16th) we went to 99 and got groceries. Sorry CT, I did NOT go up and down every single damn aisle!! Anyhows, in the shopping center/plaza/mall thingie that the 99 is in, there’s a pho place so we had pho (this is like turning out to be a food diary. I can’t help it, I love eating and food. If sleeping were more interesting, I would mention it in more detail also) which was good. I don’t know if it’s my favorite pho place — it probably is, and it’s certainly the one I go to the most — but it’s definitely a good pho place. Plus they make those shrimp and pork spring rolls that I love so much. The most important part of the spring roll to me is the peanut sauce. I’ve had pretty good spring rolls that were ruined for lack of a yummy peanut sauce. Or maybe they were mediocre in the first place, I can’t remember except that the peanut sauce wasn’t good:p So yeah, that was the shopping trip. Then we came home and played games:) My family in the Sims lost the grandfather and the old grandmother completely lost it — she was going gaga on the floor. A male therapist came down out of nowhere a la Mary Poppins (umbrella and all) and tried to get her together. He had to float down 3 times in a row cos she kept losing it:p So I finally created another family with an old dude to help her out. Haven’t played her since, so we’ll have to see how this works out.

Oh yeah, the laundry, we did 1 load of laundry today — the whites. But that’s the most important pile cos I was running low on undies. Only one load because someone else was doing laundry for part of the day. And tonight we had hot pot. We dumped in those fried tofu stuffs, clams, meat, enoki mushrooms, napa cabbage, fish dumplings, and quail eggs. Yum:)

Alas, work tomorrow. Oh well, at least it’s a short week:p