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It’s Tuesday, so time for more comments about American Idol. I don’t know why Idol is so endlessly commentable:p Actually, I meant to write about my disappointment with the lack of the cobra on the Apprentice last week, but I never got around to it. Oh but speaking of the Apprentice, the contestants were divided into 2 groups — book-smarts and street-smarts, which is lame anyways because the Donald has made it was clear that he likes college educated types, and also having street-smarts doesn’t have to mean no book-smarts or vice versa. Except the casting people for the Apprentice managed it, evidently:p But anyhows, the street-smart team is Net Worth (they make more than the other team) and the book-smart team is Magna (like magna cum laude). The first task was to sell as many Angus Steak Burgers at Burger King in one day or something. But of course, Net Worth blew Magna away:p One of the so-called book-smart types had extreme difficulties with the register. I’m not saying it’s not a complicated register, but puh-lease! Hehe, it led one of her team members to wonder if she’d ever been in a fast food place. This is unrelated, but I think on the Apprentice, it sucks to be a woman. Because seriously, no matter how much you rock, how are you going to out-r0x0r Carolyn?!

Okay, back to American Idol:) Today, in the middle of Idol, my cousin needed help on her math homework. Gah! I love math homework (as long as it’s not mine:p), but why in the middle of Idol, hrmm?! And my sister was completely unsympathetic! She told me to turn it down cos she could hear it on the phone. And my cousin just laughed at me. <sigh>

This time out, they were in New Orleans and Gene Simmons was the guest judge. I have no idea if New Orleans was better or worse than the other cities or if Gene Simmons was an effective judge:p The one dude who stood out for me was a movie projector dude who practiced in the projector room… well, but not in a good way. But the worst part was when he stopped a bit early and said something like, “uh…you guys look like you wanted me to stop.” But then Paula said, “What gave you that idea?” Um… duh, he was right wasn’t he?! No need to be fake nice:p Just say, I’m sorry, dude. Poor guy though, in the projector room, by himself, he probably sounds ok. That’s why those karaoke places, where you and your friends get a room for x amount of time, are good for fun:D But not good as a judge of whether you should try out for Idol:p


  1. lmao~ geeeez~~ i didnt just laugh… i told u two to shut up! KEEHEEHEE~ lol didnt noe u were an idol fan~ hahahha u should go try out with ur bo bob obo bo po bo po po do mo sho co lmao~

  2. also what’s with apprentice choosing african american women who are a bit on the crazy side? although verna pulled it together, i’m glad. i’m not sure who i like yet, just who i don’t like.

  3. I know! That is 2 seasons of it. Altho last year it was sort of like they just ganged up on Stacey cos she was an easy target. Also, Carolyn rox again!

    I like all sorts of reality tv, evidently:p

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