I am sooo tired. It’s been a long day — except it hasn’t really been a long day, but that’s how it feels. I just moved cubicles again this week. You’d think that every cube is the same in cubicle land, but it’s not:p Now my “door” is not right out the hallway, but I’m right near the main entrance door and for some reason it sounds like there’s a great big wind blowing all the time out there in the lobby/elevator area. Oh well… all I can say is, I was pleasantly surprised by this whole cubicle thing… I think I was imagining some kind of Office Space sitch, so my expectations were v. v. low:) Ha, guess that worked out. I don’t think everyone had my type of thinking, and also, some of them were moving from offices with a nice window view so their perspectives are different. Okay, all sleepy, gonna go home now. Ooooh yeah another thing, I have a purple chair! Ooooh yes! :)