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For Valentine’s Day, we like to try out a new recipe instead of going out for dinner. Sometimes this turns out badly…
One year, because of an episode of Pinky and the Brain, we decided to make kugel.

It went something like:
Brain: “Pinky, are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Pinky: “Yes Brain, but where are we going to find pink tutus?”

Brain: “You are one noodle short of a kugel.”

Not quite right — which coincidentally describes our kugel:p This year, we decided to try to make a bouillabaisse, which turned out much better than the kugel! Or at least if it wasn’t a great bouillabaisse, it was a good seafood stew:)


  1. Mmm… it looks really tasty!

  2. lol how creative~~
    happy valentines day!!

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