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We did a lot of laundry this weekend. (Why is it that we end up doing a lot of laundry and almost nothing else on three day weekends?)

Yut’s taken to putting our clothes into our dressers like vertical files, instead of stacking them. It actually works a lot better cos I can find stuff waaaaay easier. I used to mess up the folding job grabbing clothes, so that when we next did laundry, Yut would go to put away the piles and I wouldn’t have space in my drawers cos everything was in shambles.

Although I must say, my previously messy drawers came in handy when we were playing Taboo once and I got the word wrinkles. I said something like, “In the morning, when I get dressed, you always say I’m all… <frantic hand waving> cos my clothes are a mess in my drawers.” Or something like that. He got it on the first guess:D


  1. hmm… lol… seems like a cool idea… too bad all my clothes are on the floor anyways~ hehehehe

  2. omg its nick lachey and jessica simpson!!

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