Dinner’s Not Quite Ready Yet

But my hungry stomach’s not allowing my powerless brain to concentrate on anything for very long, so that’s that.

I’m eating Pepperidge Farm French Vanilla Milano Cookies to tide me over. I think they must be somewhat new because I love Milanos and I don’t think I would’ve missed the introduction of a new Milano for very long. Maybe some months, but definitely not some years. These French Vanilla ones are pretty good, but not as good as my faves, the Orange Milano. Good thing when I bought these, I decided to pick up 2 bags of Orange Milanos, too:D

I think I’ll save this as a draft and finish up later.
Okay, I ate. I feel better now:)

By the way, we bought the Milanos on sale at Safeway on early Sunday morning (like 1am early:p). We also got Dreyer’s (or Edy’s for the folks on the east coast) Whole Fruit bars on sale. They are the best fruit popsicles:) It got cold again today (crazy weather), so now we have the heater on, but we’re eating Whole Fruit bars:p But they are oh-so-delicious and irresistable! Stomach trumps all!


  1. I agree, they are the best popsicles. Have you tried the Mint Milanos? Not better than orange but very good.

  2. yumm milano’s… dying to eat… yumm mint… milano’s…droooool… doode and those popsicles… they’re like a dollar as skool buh oh so good. buh i dun have california power like you guys dude… when its cold im cold and when im cold im cold. unless of course its enjoying one of them lovely ice cream sandwiches with my lovely cousins muhahahha

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