Eating Out and In: A Long Food Post

This isn’t about In-N-Out, though, not today.

Normally, we like to stay at home mostly. But the truth is, the difficulty is in actually making it out of the house (I’m using the word ‘house’ figuratively here:p), not staying out, really. Once we’re out, we’re fine. But still, the siren call of home is hard to resist:)

On Friday though, John took Al, Pat, Yut, and me to Samwon Barbecue House, a Korean barbecue place in Oakland, to celebrate his raise — congrats, John! :) In the past, I’ve always kind of thought Koryo was a little bit better, but on Friday, Samwon was really good. The guys seemed to think that Koryo and Samwon switch off being the best East Bay bbq places, depending on when you go, so I guess that makes sense. We ordered pajun, kalbi, bulgogi, some marinated chicken, and some spicy pork (spelling could be wrong for any of that, sorry). I requested the pajun because I love them seafood pancakey things:) I ask for it everytime I go to a Korean restaurant — yum! Our waitress was relatively helpful. I don’t know why, but generally, it seems that if you don’t go to a Korean restaurant with a Korean speaking person, you’re not going to get good service. But she recommended stuff for us, and she told us that it’d be better to grill at the table instead of having them take of it for us cos it would be faster. The only thing was that she didn’t check back at the table inbetween to like bring more tea or something. We had to flag people down a lot for that sort of thing. Anyhows, she brought out two sets of panchan (the little plates of pickled stuff, I think? If not, let me know:p), with all of the usual. There was a squid thing and the slightly spicy pickled cucumbers that I liked. Everyone else said that Koryo has better little plates, but I’m not a fan of kimchee, or anything kimchee-like so it’s not a big deal to me. Usually I don’t like to grill at the table because I’m not good at grilling meat — I can’t tell when things are or aren’t cooked. And I just don’t like handling raw meat that much. But the good thing is, Pat and Yut mostly took care of it, and the grill kept me warm:) Well also, the meat was really hot, instead of lukewarm. Everything was really good except for the chicken thing, which wasn’t bad, just sorta bland, I thought.

After Samwon, we went to J&S cafe in El Cerrito for some boba tea. Then, cos it was still early, we went to Albatross, this bar in Berkeley, but not before Al called Julie to check up on her and to ask if she wanted to join us. Actually, he called her at every change of venue — teeheehee:) Albatross has tons of games you can borrow from them, including cards, so we all got drinks and played Hearts. It was a lot of fun even though I didn’t win.

Today, we woke up after 2pm! We didn’t stay out that late last night, but Yut stayed up playing games, and I’m just a talented sleeper:) Besides getting the mail and other such little things, we didn’t leave the apartment (you guys are probably thinking, “Zzzzzzz so what else is new?”) except for when we ordered food and Yut went to pick it up. We ordered Fish Tikka Kabab and Lamb Saag and garlic naan from India Palace aka the pink place on University:) The garlic naan and Lamb Saag were good, but the Fish Tikka Kabab was just soooo yummy, they were quite overshadowed.

I don’t think I’ve accomplished one damned thing today. Lovely day:D We are going to try to make bouillabaisse tomorrow or Monday. Has anyone tried before? Or know a great recipe? What I’ve found so far looks complicated!


  1. YOU played hearts and DIDN’T WIN?! hmm maybe shoulda did you bobobobopopomobobo trick. =P

  2. dood you’ve made me so hungry. i’ll have to go eat lunch now.

  3. The Fish Tikka Kabab was yummy delicious. Not sure why it felt like there was less fish this time. Maybe we just ate it up faster?

  4. Or the foolproof garlicky *Hhhhhaaaaa* trick.

    Next time I’d appreciate it if you guys refrained from doing fun and exciting things until I’m there.
    Thank you.

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