Garden State

You might wonder why I bother posting little mini-review-like things of movies when this is clearly not a movie review blog, nor is this a review or movie site in any way or form. Well the thing is, sometimes, in conversation, it comes up that I say, “…the last movie that I saw was…” except then the ellipses go on and on as I struggle to come up with that bit of info. And then I start wondering if this is a sign of impending senility (I don’t think I drink enough to stave it off:p). Then I start wondering if I’m a hypochondriac. Erm anyways, that’s why this started. Also, now you know what I did Sunday night, if you care:p

Yeah, so we watched Garden State. I was a little afraid that all of the pre-seeing it hype would turn out to be horribly off base (like Memento, didn’t like it at all — and no, it’s not cos I didn’t get it, I just didn’t like it:p) But I liked Garden State. Basically, it’s a coming-of-age/finding-yourself sort of movie with some romantic and comedic stuff thrown in. I thought it was sweet without being overly cloying. And we laughed. So yes, this was good:) Also, I thought the soundtrack was really good; I might have to go buy it. Honestly, I wish cd’s would all cost about 10 or 11 bucks.

I’m too hungry to post more — gonna go check on dinner. Stomach trumps all!


  1. too many big words… hmm stomach trumps all is all i read and all i care about right now.. muhahahha

  2. What, that faulty memory thing only gets worse… I’m lucky if I can answer on Monday when people ask me what I did on the weekend… Bleargh…

  3. Garden State, Yay! Julie and I watched too and thought it was good. she wanted to go buy the soundtrack too. anytime someone says that I always wanna go through the list, download and burn the damn thing. but then i’m too lazy a person and someone else buying it seems like a better idea as time rolls by. –Al

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