I <Heart> Swim Meets

Went to a swim meet today for a few minutes. Doooooood, I love how the guys are all buff with broad shoulders! Not too buff though, like wrestlers or body builders:p

But the best part about the swim meet isn’t the hot young bodies, it’s the announcer. The few times I’ve been, it’s an older guy with graying hair, looks quite serious, but he says things like, “…he is a fine breaststroker!” or “…he’s v. good at the breaststroke, but even better at backstroking!” or “…his strokes are so long and smooth, he looks like he could go forever! He’d probably like to!”

I am not kidding!
I’m also not mature enough for this:D


  1. LMAO. does tigs know about this odd pleasure u find in swim meets??… wait… why do i even ask… its tigs… lol he’s the guy who jumps in the pool with em and decides to take a piss or something…hmm.

  2. Ummm…breastroke and breastroke and more stroking??? HAHAHAHAHAHA! jeez this would be an hour long sexual inuendo session for me and Yut! =P

  3. I know, believe me, I know:p

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