Johnny Depp is Hot!

Decided not to do lunch today but stopped at a smoothie place for a little smoothie to go with the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. As I walked in, the owner/manager(?) was saying to a guy (another customer?) about how he was going to go see Motorcycle Diaries, and we were all welcome to go cos it seemed like it was going to be a great movie &c&c. The guy was like, “Yeah, I’ve been wanting to see that! But I don’t think I’m going to be able to go this weekend; my girlfriend’s been wanting to see Finding Neverland, because of Johnny Depp.”
He continued, “I don’t get what’s with the whole Johnny Depp thing! I was standing behind these two girls in line the other day, and one of them was flipping through a magazine to show her friend this hot Johnny Depp picture! Why does every girl think Johnny Depp is hot?!”
Then he turned to me (maybe cos I was sorta trying not to laugh at this point), and said, “You’re a girl, do you think Johnny Depp is hot?”
I could only say, sympathetically, “He is pretty hot.” Then I added, “Actually, he’s gotten better with age…” with a little sorry-to-be-the-confirmer-of-bad-news shrug.
“See what I mean?!”
The store dude guffawed:D
As I left, I said, “Good luck — Kate Winslet’s pretty cute, too:p”


  1. muhaha, Johnny is hot. For me, I think part of the charm is his quirkiness. He can take his ship and plunder any port in my Caribbean.

    I like this new commenting system, don’t have to remember to sign each comment no more.

  2. depp?… not my thing. orlando~ RAWR!

  3. When Orlando Bloom was dressed up as an elf for LOTR, he was hot, but normally? Not so much:p If I was Orlando Bloom I would dress up as an elf every Halloween! Or if I was Orlando Bloom’s sig. o I would TOTALLY ask him to dress up as an elf all the time!

    Besides which, I was just sorta teasing the guy cos I mean… after setting himself up like that, I had to add fuel to the fire. Too easy:)

  4. johnny depp is hot ‘cos he has sharp delicate features including cheek bones that cast shadows. *cast shadows!*

    yea i agree – i like orlando bloom when blond and clean shaven ‘cos there’s such a purity there, but the scruffy dark-haired look was pretty ordinary.

  5. Orlando doesn’t do anything for me. He was good as an elf, but without the ears he’s pretty plain. Standard pretty boy I guess…and no shadows!

  6. Depp’s got a handsome chiseled face… what’s not to love?

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