Like a Work Day, But Better

CT woke us up today, saying, “I know I’m not supposed to call until 12, but I waited as long as I could!” It was already 11am:D Guess we grumped at her a lot in the past, but the thing is, she used to forget a lot that Eastern time is 3 hours ahead of Pacific, and she’d call me about some inanity (like “I went shopping today, and I found some cute shirts!” Hello, CT, you saying “I went shopping today” is not worth getting me up for, even if you’re being nice and offering me one of the shirts:p That’s like me saying, “I turned on my computer today!”). Anyhows, it was fine, I’m just sayin’:p

Actually, speaking of, we turned on our computers the first thing after we got out of bed:D Then we decided to play Civ, cos we’d just finished crushing the Romans last week (honestly, I would sign a peace treaty with Caesar after beating him down a bit, then 2 turns later, he’d declare war on me — grrrr!), but during the week, I don’t like to play Civ cos it makes for a bad day at work the next day. Not that that means we don’t play during the week, just not too often:p So it’d been a few days since we last played.

We ate lunch at our desks, so it’s been about 8 hours and counting now, of Civ:D That’s a whole work day! I never saw the sun! We were gonna go to the grocery store today! This game is crazy! Erm… ok, I’m crazy, too:)

Update at about 11:30pm:
We finished up Cleopatra! The game tells us that we took 40 hours and 33 minutes to take care of everyone…that’s a whole work week!


  1. lol grocery store… now thats a celebration~ =P

  2. It’s not a celebration so much as a necessity:p

  3. civ felt too much like an addictive drug when i played it…

  4. Definitely. But I can’t… help… myself… must play…


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