It’s the first of February, this’ll be my 2nd month of blogging (I know, I started on 11 January, but whatever). At first, I wasn’t sure if I was going to continue this after a month, but now I think the harder trick will be to shut me up!

Usually I hate signing up for accounts or registering. But ever since I started blogging, the number of times I’ve given out my information is staggering!!! (Well to me, at least:p) Nevertheless, I’ve really enjoyed writing about whatevers, and trying out all this stuff.

This stuff being all the web applications/services I used and liked:

  • for no particular reason except it’s free and looked pretty:) I think it’s been reasonably easy to learn and customize. I also like that it allows anonymous commenting, has a search/nav bar on top instead of a big advert, and it has pretty good help and support. If someone thinks something else is easier or better, I’d love to know:)
  • cos I love Y!Mail and myY! and Y!Messenger:) I wish Yahoo! USA had a blogging service; Yahoo! has the best emoticons:p
  • for photoblogging and picture sharing. I really like flickr!
  • for the RSS feed. For some reason, Blogger does this atom stuff, instead of RSS. I usually use myYahoo! for keeping track of blogs though so I wanted RSS.
  • counts my visitors. In January I had 268 visitors:) As soon as I figure out how to make the counter show and fit in with the style of the blog, I’ll think about making it visible.
  • Weblog Commenting and Trackback by for trackbacks, although I have none, except for my test:) I don’t know if I need it, or what’s the point right now, but we’ll see. Someone please feel free to explain:p Haloscan can do commenting, too, but I haven’t decided if I’m going to use it. This way seems more integrated to me. What do y’all think? Comments like on Seth’s blog or just leave it as is?

Considering my lack of design, html, writing, blogging, &c&c skills, this turned out more fun than work:) And that’s a good thing.


  1. Oy head hurts… I was coming here hoping to find solace in your funny stories and what do I find?! More nerd talk. Aye Caramba!

  2. lmao. yes and i quote “aye caramba”.

  3. MyYahoo! can do atom too. I like your blogger UI. Although Safari has some bug where it displays the blog slightly incorrectly and scoots your text down below your left nav stuff.

    Bush is talking right now. Gah! I hate him!

  4. It can? Dooood! I couldn’t figure out how! Guess no big at this point:)
    Does Safari do it for all of the blogs on blogger or just mine? I’ve played with the template a lot, maybe I will put it back to the default just to see. Weird though.

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