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Choking the Chicken
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This was Yut’s fave attraction! Doood, I’m not making this up, and I have the picture to prove it! The rooster head actually elongates, then goes back:)

We went on the Small World ride twice:) The lines were like 10 minutes the first time and 5 minutes the second time. Actually, all of the lines were nice and short… the longest was maybe 30-45 minutes. And most of those we used fast pass, which is when you go grab a fast pass ticket near the entrance. It tells you when to come back and you get to go do stuff and come back to it.


  1. hahahahaha.

    i don’t think we went on that one…

  2. I had to go on a second time because we missed the photo op the first time through. Mim on the other hand, wanted to hear the song again, and again, and again.

    She proceeded to sing (or hum) it non-stop for the rest of the day…

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