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Cafe Panini is a sandwich/cafe place in Berkeley with paninis, hot sandwiches, that are so good. Anyhows, today, they had a new panini: pork loin with bacon, sundried tomatoes, and cheese (open face). I think they could’ve called it hot heart attack:p But anyhows, I got one to go for lunch today, which I guess wasn’t such a great idea since the melted cheese just stuck to everything. Oh well, still good.

After lunch, I was going back to work when I saw this girl wearing these crazy shoes. They were clear acrylic (or some kind of plastic) with the tiniest of stiletto heels, with a bigger bottom part than the picture. It’s the kind of shoe that makes Yut wonder if a guppy could live in the bottom part of the shoe:p Omg, I was so surprised, I actually looked up from the ground to check her out. She was wearing jeans and a red sweater and carrying books, so I assume she was on her way to class. But dude! She was dressed for work, in a way:p

Hmmmm… meow!
But seriously, I’ve never seen anyone wear that type of shoe in the light of day.

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  1. GUESS WHO GOT HER PERMIT TODAY! MUHAHHAHAHA~ even though u alll da way in cali. i still thinks i ought to warn you to stay off the road. keeheehee

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