When I went to turn on my computer at about 1:30pm today, it wouldn’t start up! The Windows XP screen would sort of show up, but the status bar wouldn’t go anywhere, and it was faded. GAAAAAAAH!!

I tried Last Known Good and Safe Mode, to no avail. So I did a Windows repair. While this seemed to have fixed things, after I logged in, I realized that Windows didn’t think it had SP2 installed. So I went to install it, only the computer crashed everytime I tried to run WindowsUpdate. I suppose I should’ve tried to install SP2 from disk or some other troubleshooty stuff, but at that moment, my brain was screaming, “My computer!!! NOOOOOOO!! Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck!”, so I decided to reinstall. Actually, come to think of it, now that I’ve calmed down, I’m still not sure what else I should’ve tried. It’s all just voodoo anyways:p

I backed up the settings and stuff on my C: partition and reformatted and reinstalled. So that was my whole afternoon/early evening, right there. It’s nice having a fresh install, but Christ it’s a bit of a pain.

I’m a little scared about my harddrive because I don’t back up as I should. I mean, I know backing up is extremely important, but I have a lot of stuff and it just seems like it would take forever if I were to burn cd’s. Plus where do I put the stacks of cd’s after I’m done?! Setting up external harddrives or something for backup seems a bit of overkill. We’re thinking of buying a dvd burner finally. But still for the amount of stuff, it’d take a while… and will I actually do it? What do y’all do for backup?

Oh, so I didn’t seen sunlight all day — not that that’s unusual for a Saturday:p


  1. My idea of backup is to make a copy on your harddrive…

  2. I back up my server on Meg’s computer. Zip up the files, and then copy ’em over. Should probably burn them to CD. I’d recommend only backing up your text, documents, images, and other things that you create.. for you maybe your saved games from Civilization/Sims/other will require backup as well :) That way, you don’t have as much to save, and the prospect of burning onto CD isn’t as bad…

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