Snippets from a Long Week (Already)

Monday as I left the building to go home, I was accosted by someone else who works on my floor. Turns out she left her card key on her desk and couldn’t get in to get her stuff therefore. Once the receptionist leaves, you’re at the mercy of exiting people. Luckily plenty of those:p Pesky card keys. I’ve taken to carrying mine in my hand, because I can’t wear it without feeling dorkier than normal. Which is pretty damn dorky. I tried, but I can’t. So I leave it on my desk face down except if I’m moving around. If I need to go anywhere, unfortunately, then I have to take it. I try to hold the picture inwards towards me.

Anyhows, the co-worker is a nice person, but quite a bit older than I am. I was commiserating with her about the pesky card keys, and said something about how if you forget the pesky card key, you are doomed! Only in my head, I was thinking, “…you are fucked!” which I edited quickly to “…you are screwed!” and then finally, desperately, out came the word doomed. Who says doomed except cartoon characters?! Gah!

Tuesday, I went to the library to look for Sunshine by Robin McKinley, which someone recommended to me. On Friday last week, the system claimed that a copy had been recently returned, so I thought I’d just mosey on back one day this week. But today of all days, the library’s networking was all screwed up, so the electronic catalogue wasn’t working, or anything! They had librarians helping out by directing people to the correct sections, but beyond that, they couldn’t do anything either. I asked if they still had a card catalogue, but no luck. Hello!!! It’s called backup! Gah!

Today, all of my grumbling about the library’s networking problem came back to bite me in the ass cos I had backup problems at work. Retrospect is just not something I understand that well, and it does weird things! Gah!

But on a good note, even though no one had bothered to take down the “the Internet is down today at the library” signs, everything was fine again, and Sunshine was on the shelf. I was so relieved and excited I almost peed in my pants! So yeah, I’m going to get in bed, maybe make some hot chocolate later:)

Happy (Lunar) New Year everyone!


  1. mim, you funny. (= Doomed! heheh.

    I am jealous about your reading — I am going to try to get through at least 1.5 crypto lectures now. Gah! I did it to myself tho, so I can’t complain. Hopefully the combination of wine + energy drink (I’ll alternate) will get me through it — gotta keep happy + awake.

  2. Peeing in your pants would be funny to see, but don’t expect me to help clean it up. You read like a mad woman. I’d guess you finish about 5 books in the time it takes me to finish 1. Granted 1 or 2 of those are romances, but still! At least I play 10x the number of games you play.

  3. reading…bah this is why i sometimes think we’re not related. buh then the whole height thing makes sense. lol
    so like yeah happy new year! lol HAHA ur married now! no more red bags! lol u shoulda waited a couple more years! lol.

  4. I know! You shoulda seen how fast she walked away from me after I said doomed! I walked down the stairs thinking doomed? wtf?! <sigh>
    By the looks of it, you have plenty of energy drinks to choose from:p Which one’s the best?

    K, you suck:p Grrrrrr
    Altho my mum still sends me red bags cos she’s cool like that:p Muahahahaha

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