Stop the Violence! Not the Violins. (A Whole Night’s Worth of TV)

Gawrd, it’s been another one of (rather lovely) evenings spent watching tv and/or playing games. Cos you know, Apprentice is on Thursdays — it’s all about the reality tv shows that start with the letter ‘A’! Tonight was a night for funny goings-on on tv. (That’s the second time in two days that I’ve had the opportunity to say “goings-on”, I feel like an old matronly lady; I may as well say havey-cavey goings-on and complete the fuddy-duddy image.)

Anyhows, part of the problem is the Replay. We watched 24 today and it’s not a Thursday show. But seriously? It needs to stop being called 24 and start being called Jack Bauer Unlimited — like Justice League Unlimited only instead of every single DC Comics hero ever in one cartoon, it’s Jack Bauer being every sort of superhero possible. But at least Kim’s gone! I know, I know, she’s hot and whatever, but seriously, the character was so annoying it became, who gives a shit, please just take her off the show!!! Makes me wonder if Jack was as crazily kickass in previous seasons of 24, and I didn’t get even mildly irritated because all of my ire was directed at Kim.

Okay, after 24, we switched to live tv and watched the Apprentice. *Spoilers ahead if you DVR’d Apprentice:p* The task was to create graffiti advertisements for Gran Turismo 4 in Harlem. Tara (project manager for Net Worth) spent the whole time talking about the community and how if the street smarts didn’t win, she’d lose all street credibility. Dude, she lost all street credibility when she called it “street credibility”! Who says that?! Even funnier was Alex (pm for Magna) who tried to talk about bling and mad propz and whatnot, but I don’t think he knew what mad propz means. Yet Magna won! Net Worth lost cos their so-called ad had Gran Turismo as a relatively small part of the graffiti — it wasn’t much of an advert:p And Tara kept going back to how the two (?!) people on their team who’d ever played Gran Turismo didn’t tell her that it wasn’t just about racing in New York city, etcetc like that was why they’d lost. It was so bizarre! The worst part was when the commercials came on and they talked about how Law & Order: Trial By Jury is going to air next Thursday after the Apprentice, but when I first heard it, I thought they were talking about today. (I told Yut right off that he was gonna lose me when Law & Order came on cos I was going to have to stop playing games:p) But I have to wait for next week.

Well I’m all tired out now (it’s 2am, even though I started this post at 12:30am cos I was typing in between turns of Civ), so I won’t get into the rest of it. But I watched ER (this part of the tv watching didn’t have any havey-cavey goings-on, maybe personally embarassing, but that’s it), then the nightly news (I know it’s February sweeps but a report about “What to do about sucky bosses?!” Talk about frou frou so-called news:p Plus it had no constructive anything!), then Jay Leno (He had on “hip-hop” violinists: two New York black guys who play violins on New York’s subway. Only you’re not really supposed to, so they’ve gotten collared before, hence “Stop the violence — not the violins!” one of them said that:)), then Conan (his hair was being extra poufy today, so his head looked extra large, if you can imagine that). That’s a lot of tv. And I guess I did get into the rest of it. Okay, g’night:p

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