The Sims 2 University!

Speaking of games, I just checked my email, and Amazon sent me an announcement for the Sims 2 University expansion!! It’s due out on February 28th, only for Windows, unfortunately. I don’t get it — the first expansion is coming out for Windows by March, but the Mac version of The Sims 2 isn’t even available yet, and won’t be out ’til like June or July. That’s CRAZY! The Sims is really popular, I guess, so they are selling plenty, probably, but still. Seems wrong.

Not that I’m not still pretty excited:D Dooooood! Amazon totally knows me! Or something. Scary.


  1. $#%$!@$%!#@$ curses! Where’s my mac sims?!

  2. NooOOo! I just weaned myself off Sims2. Do you realize I had to start playing DR again just to take the edge off? Vs. the computer no less.

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