Too Much TV

Tuesday’s TV day around here. There’s way too much tv for me to watch today.

  • 7pm Jeopardy (ABC) Maryland boy Michael from Blake HS won the Teen Tournament!
  • 8pm American Idol (FOX) I really miss Lisa de Moraes’s TV Column comments for the Post about American Idol. Last year she compared Diana Degarmo to Miss Piggy, only she said it wasn’t an insult:D I guess I believed her cos I love Miss Piggy:) Some of these people this season are like channeling The Apprentice (like Marlea who got through to the next round but is talking about how it’s an “emotional roller coaster” and “some people here are just so standoffish and not nice”) or Survivor (like Constantine who said “I’m not here to make friends”).
  • 9pm Amazing Race (CBS) 2 hour season finale, can’t miss that:) Alas, no more Phil ’til the next time CBS needs to trot out the Amazing Race for awards and/or ratings. Why do I only like reality shows that start with the letter ‘A’? Thank God Apprentice isn’t on Tuesdays too — that would suck! Gah, the people who I least wanted to win won. What a disappointment. Even Phil can’t make up for this:p
  • 9pm House (FOX) I think I like grumpy older men:p Or something.
  • 10pm Law & Order: SVU (NBC) I think I’ve said this before, but ever since Kasey Novak became ADA it’s been great. Honestly, the Law&Order folks should just give up on blonde ADAs. Except Judith Light, she’s alright:D

Good thing we have our Replay (DVR)!


  1. Phil is a Choo-Choo Charlie!

  2. i stay close to home. WB50 all da way for me~ hehehehe

  3. Yah… I watch Gilmore Girls and the show after that. I forgot about Amazing Race and it was the finale! Going to try and catch Idol more.

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