Weather Wimp

It’s been pouring for two days now! TWO days! This is not normal:p Drizzly? Okay. Misty? Okay. Some rain? Okay. But lots of rain for two days straight? Not okay!! And it’s supposed to continue through Sunday!! Gah!

I finally had to give in. The rain, it defeated me:p I’d held out for years without buying an umbrella. I swore off them because it never rains hard for very long and I tend to lose them. Like, give me an umbrella for one day and I will lose it. Even though I’m aware that this happens and try hard to diligently keep track of my umbrella, still it is gone by the end of the day. So I figured I’d just deal, the rain doesn’t bother me. But today, I gave in and bought an umbrella at Walgreens for $7.60. I figure, we’ll see; if it breaks before I lose it, then I’ll get a nicer one. If I lose it before it breaks, I’ll buy another cheap umbrella. Maybe cheaper than $7.60:p In my heart, I am hoping it breaks because I want a pretty umbrella. I had a blue plaid one that was super nice. ‘Til I lost it. Doesn’t have to be blue plaid. Just not plain black. Cos that’s boring:p

Btw, despite the rain, well ok, since Cliff drove:p we went to Pyung Chang Tofu House for dinner today. It’s like we’re on some kind of Korean food kick. Tofu House isn’t a Korean bbq place though. They have these lovely spicy soft tofu soups that are yummilicious! They have kalbi and bulgogi and stuff too, but it’s not grilled, it’s brought out on a sizzling plate thing. Still good. But it’s the soups that are amazing. Perfect for a cool rainy evening.


  1. I hate this weather and wish it would end.

    I bought an umbrella in Japan (that I brought back)) but Lisa thinks it’s girly.

  2. I think I was the one who lost the blue plaid umbrella. Left it on the metro.

  3. yea well we got it for it’s cheaps! it’s one of those clear ones with a white handle and it doesn’t fold up into the compact size. but yea, for some reason it looks kinda feminine to me, even tho it’s not pink or anything

  4. Maybe cause it’s clear? I can’t picture thinking of someone as masculine carrying a see through umbrella.

  5. yeah i somehow always manage to loose my umbrellas. buh i mostly end up breakin em. lol our lil umbrella thingie only holds broken umbrellas. dunno why we have it~

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