Westminster Dog Show

And today is the first day of the 2005 Westminster Dog Show! Wow what a great Valentines:) I’m so excited. Last year, Josh the newfy won. He was like a large fuzzy pillow! In real life, I’m sure he’s a lot of work and only people who really know what they’re getting into should get one, etcetc, but doooood, he was cute:) I’ve already called misa and CT and messaged Seth and Kitty, so now I’m telling everyone else. Today and tomorrow on the USA network 8pm or so?

“Don’t miss a doggone second of the action!” hahaha that’s from the ad:)


  1. sigh… doggies… hm.

  2. There are pics of Josh and some of the other dogs from last year at:

  3. i kind of want a welsh corgi. (=

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