American Idol Voting Craziness

Today was the American Idol results show.
The bottom three were Jessica Sierra, Anwar Robinson, and Nadia Turner!!!! OMG, this is unbelievable; they are three of the best singers left. Honestly, I hate that Carrie Underwood is still on, and Jessica’s gone.

You know, the funny thing about this whole “voting” thing is that I’m always lamenting the low voter turnout for national election, especially in younger voters, but now I’m thinking if the low voter turnout isn’t a good thing. Cos doooooood, Jessica?! With the lowest votes?! Gaaaaaaah!

I guess the other way I could look at it is… too many people didn’t vote so that a few crazy people can keep putting Carrie Underwood through. Well plus Simon thinks she’s cute or something, he keeps talking her up. Okay, I don’t know what to think.

Maybe the point here is that I shouldn’t try to draw some kind of wider thematic thought from American Idol:p

On a yummier note, my cheeky li’l monkeys, we had hot ham, tomato, egg, and swiss sandwiches for dinner today:)

Ham Cheese Tomato Sandwich
Just bread (we used Pain au Levain from the Acme Bread Company this time), butter, dijon mustard, swiss, tomato, and ham. Fried egg optional, but yummy!

It’s important to use really good mustard. This time we used Inglehoffer Spicy Dijon Mustard with white wine, but I think we’ve had better for this sandwich. Although it’s a v. good mustard for licking off the knife:)

Haha, I just realized I am trying to give food/cooking advice! Me! I’m the one who messed up instant noodles! (That’s pretty hard to do, but I managed it.) Oh the irony.

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  1. yummm… i just had some peking duck… buh yumm anyways…

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