Okay, the first thing is, here’s the results now that the first round is complete:
2005 NCAA first round complete results

Seth and Yut are tied for the lead. Gah!! Kitty is right behind Seth and Yut, and me and misa are tied, and CT has been let down by Charlotte. I think this means that you should have something calamitous happen to Charlotte-your-sim in retaliation:p Hehe, problem is, since they are out in the first round, and you picked them to win it all… So lessee… Charlotte’s husband will probably cheat on her (Caught my love cheating! I feel as if my heart is breaking. How could he do this to me?! — That’s a paraphrase, I didn’t go look it up, but I think it oughta be close:D) and maybe no one will save her from the grim reaper. Honestly, CT, she let you down!! Hehe, I am like giving you advice on how to torture your Sims. I think there is something wrong with me:p

I been playing Sims and watching basketball on the side all night:p Well with breaks for Jeopardy and dinner. Actually more like a break cos it’s not like it was two separate breaks:p We had pizza:) I dunno why but I loooooove getting anchovies on my pizza, so we almost always get half anchovies, mushrooms, and extra cheese, and half pepperoni and sausage and onions. It was sooo good I threatened to buy jars of anchovies:) Yut said, “Oh look, Walgreens has Listerine buy 1 get 1 off!” :p


  1. YAY!! hee hee now to bring down seth and tigs! MUHAHAHAH and then i can rule the world!!! .,… watch me loose-_-;;

  2. Ah, an ominous foreshadowing of things to come…

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