Backlash Redux

My computer blue-screened! In the middle of Sims! I got my 2 new characters into the Academie Le Tour secret society finally:( Which btw, isn’t as nice as the Sim State University secret society. But hours and hours of making friends and and having 3 lovers and getting on Dean’s Lists (Which btw, is a perfect rebuttal to all of those people who wonder how the Sims can be fun when it’s just like real life. Hello?! Dean’s List? Hahahahaha.. ha. :p) and pooooof! Gone! I think it’s payback for my snarkiness lately:p It was like a karmic schadenfreude sort of thing. Gah:(

Oh well, at least now I will get to sleep in a timely manner.


  1. that durn windows xp!

    at least sims is on windows i guess though.

  2. yah, and I did all my windows updates yesterday and my computer just bout died after. I dunno what caused it, but after updating, all my hard drive space disappeared on my system partition. At one point I had 14kb left. Then after rebooting it died! Ack, good thing Mim was able to apply her prowess and save my computress!

  3. It’s good having someone that understands Windows support around. Lisa and I have no idea what we’re doing so we just don’t turn on the computer. :p

  4. Haha:p Admit it, you and Lisa don’t turn on your PC cos you have Macs! Stylish, un-virus-afflicted, un-spyware-afflicted Macs!!!
    If only game companies would just release everything for the Macs in a timely manner — 1/2 year isn’t timely:p

  5. There’s also Linux! No viruses or spyware! (Of course, no real desktop GUI to speak of either…) But hey, it runs a fine server!

  6. nerdy nerdy nerdy!

    Isn’t it hard to use? Like even installing things is supposed to be no fun, is what I hear:D

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