Overheard today:

So I said, “I want a tall coffee please.” And she was all, “We don’t do that.”
So I was all, “I mean a small coffee.”
I hate when people can figure out what you want and purposefully don’t get it!

It’s like Starbucks backlash backlash.

There is a lot of tv on today (I think I say this every Tuesday):

  • Jeopardy!
  • Good Eats — an episode about grilling today. Now that the weather is getting better, it’s time to start thinking about breaking out the charcoal.
  • American Idol
  • Amazing Race — the last season just fucking ended for Christ’s sake! Why’s it on again?!
  • House — same time as Amazing Race. Actually I really like this show. We watched it randomly one day, and now we record it.
  • Law & Order: SVU — of course!

I voted on American Idol yesterday. Just once. <sheepish>