C is for Cookie

chocolate Enigma
Chocolate Enigma cookies from Trader Joe’s.

Yut got these cookies from a co-worker. They look unprepossessing, but doooood they’re good. It was a close thing, I almost forgot to take a photo before eating the very last lone cookie:p

Also, it’s Girl Scout cookie season. They set themselves up right near BART stations, which is a great idea. Cos everytime I pass by, I am tempted to buy some. Well so far, I’ve gotten two boxes of Thin Mints, but if I see them some more, I’m going to have to buy more boxes of cookies.

I meant to make this post Friday, but I was too caught up with my Sims:D Which basically describes almost everything this weekend:p

Except yesterday we managed to make it out for dinner with misa and neb. We went to Downtown in Berkeley cos they have raw oysters, good cocktails, and good food too. I especially like their seafood stuffs and cucumber cosmopolitans. I don’t know why the mulled (is that the right word? grated?) cucumber and cucumber vodka (is there such a thing?) make such a big difference, but it’s a lovely drink. Their bouillabaisse is what made Yut and me want to try to make one, but it’s a seasonal changing menu, so they didn’t have bouillabaisse on their menu this time. We got Sautèed Local Petrale Sole and Seafood Sausage, both good! We liked the sole better than the sausage, a little. Part of the problem with the sausage is that even though it’s seafoody, it’s hard to really taste the individual stuffs. Still though, it was good, and creative too — we’d never had anything like it. misa and neb got the Soup of the Day (butternut squash with leek, I think), crispy confit duck leg, and also the Petrale Sole.

After dinner we went to my office to check out my new cubicle:) I led the way straight to my office, but I had to look up where the restrooms were:p After all this time, I haven’t fully figured everything out yet. It’s a nice place, only the break room smelled kind of funny. neb said that it reminded him of a dorm kitchen area.

I was going to post this yesterday, but I got caught up with my Sims:p It’s cos I was trying to get one of my Sims into the secret society. Which I finally made it in:D The Landgrabb Society, where their meeting house has like all sorts of cool stuff like Simoleon printers. Also, now if my Sim’s logic is high enough (I don’t know what high enough means) I can have her “hack in” to change her grades. Oooooooh yes! Haven’t had a chance yet to play much since she joined, so… :D

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  1. ew raw oysters… lol
    i gotz yuli right across the street for all the samoas i can eat! MUHAHAHHAHA… heeheehee

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