It’s Tuesday — you know I was watching American Idol! Today’s theme was the 60s.

But I have to be snarky today cos it was not good:p For one thing, this year’s American Idol girls are overall pretty bad. Everyone I know who watches agrees with me on this one! (Okay, so everyone in this case is Yut and Julie cos no one else admits to watching Idol.) In the past (except maybe the season with Ruben and Clay) usually the girls are better. But today, they sucked equally.

The rundown (approximate order):

  • Jessica: Probably the second best girl in the competition (to me at least). But today she sucked. Somehow, it didn’t sound horrible or anything but it never grabbed. Kinda boring.
  • Anwar: My personal fave. But today, he was only ok. Still pretty damn good compared to the rest.
  • Mikalah: She’s from Vegas, but somehow she channels Fran Drescher. Better than last week, but still not good.
  • Constantine: One of two “rockers” in the show. I guess he’s the one who’s supposed to be good looking and charismatic, but not as good a singer, but he did ok. But BORING! It was the theme of the show!
  • Lindsey: Her voice is really cool and different (sort of low and sultry, I guess), which is why I think she’s still on. Cos her performances are BORING! Never grabs. Always feel forced.
  • Anthony: He sang “Breaking Up is Hard To Do” but muzak style. So bad. Ugh.
  • Nadia: I think she’s the best of the chicks. She did really well today. Probably the best of the night.
  • Bo: The other rocker. He’s clearly the one that Simon has pegged to win the competition. Simon’s obvious that way. But he’s such a cliché! With the long hair, the leather pants, and that habit of grabbing his microphone and its stand and walking around with it. So “cool”. Personally, today, as he was singing, he all of a sudden reminded me of Vincent (the Beast) from that old tv show Beauty and the Beast with Linda Hamilton as Beauty.
  • Vonzell: She sang some song by Dionne Warwick. To explain why she picked it, she said that when she heard it, it gave her shivers. Which made me think… Psychic Friends Network! Anyhows, she wasn’t bad. But I was distracted by the whole psychic friends thing:p
  • Scott: Eh, he was good, for today. Whatever.
  • Carrie: Sucked today. She’s supposed to be the “good country girl” but honestly, I’m tone deaf and I could still tell she was outta tune some parts:p I think she sucks the worst.
  • Nikko: He’s the replacement for Mario who left for personal reasons. Today’s performance sounded frenzied and desperate to me. Dude, you’re back already, and you’re glad to be back, I get it. You can cool the desperation.

Okay, I’m done with the snarkfest:)