Since everyone was so nice about my previous food post:)


I don’t think that we’ve found the perfect cheesecake recipe yet, but it’s still pretty good:) I like really dense “New York style” cheesecakes. Maybe I’ll try Yan’s recipe next time. She said it was good and easy. If anyone wants to post a recipe, please feel free:)

Anyhows, we have a Frieling 9 inch Glass Bottom Springform Pan which I lurve and recommend.


  1. Hey MIM. Your cheesecake looks great. Thanks for commenting on my blog – I was really surprised since it is only a few hours old. Doesn’t take long, I guess. Enjoy the cheesecake – and the house-hunt.

  2. ooh cheesecake looks good too

  3. Mim, try one of these recipes. never tried, but you guys are more experienced! I was gonna try Tyler’s ultimate sometime, but never got around to it. It looked so good on TV!!!,1976,FOOD_10228_22739,00.html

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