On the way home from work, a guy was sitting on the sidewalk with his hand out, saying, “Spare some change? I wanna see a movie,” as people passed by.

I like to preface my NCAA talk with a lil snippet cos then I don’t feel so one-dimensional:p

Sweet 16 Day One
The scoring breakdown after the first day of Sweet Sixteen.

The good news is the one who said, “Ewwwww. Sports…” when I first made a comment about March Madness is no longer winning. The bad news is, I’m still tied with her. The worse news is, me and her are in second place. Somehow, not one of the six of us expected Arizona, Louisville, or West Virginia to make it to the Sweet Sixteen, or to win. Go fig!

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  1. LOL muhahahha… no that dont count tigs is only beating me by one point~ wtf. lol and tied with you!? hahahahah

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