Disturbing Two

Doood, I should like stop watching TV.

Okay no, not really.

But “Pamela Anderson is going to be starring in a new comedy called ‘Stacked’ — because it’s set in a bookstore. What did you think we meant?” Whaaaaaaa?! Either way it’s disturbing!

I’m watching American Idol (3x a week!) and today, they seem to have decided on a zodiac theme. Each singer has a little introductory piece where they talk about their zodiac sign and how it’s affected them. Like Mario who said something like, “I’m a Gemini, and that’s the twins. Last week I tried to show more my fun side, and this week I’m going to try to show a more serious side. I think this reflects the duality of Geminis.” Erm…

Also, if your name isn’t Travis, please don’t try to dance on American Idol:p It’s disturbing. Although according to Randy and Simon, if your name is Travis and you dance, you don’t sing too well.


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    lol i miss those emails~

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