The tv’s on on the side. In less than ½ hour’s time, there’ve been 2 emergency broadcast alerts on tv to describe child abductions. One was about an abduction yesterday, and one today, but still! That’s crazy.


  1. and to think, i wanted to go live there… no thank you~ lol j/k~ geez… well i hope they dont abduct you think you’re a child… considering ur height… LOL j/k j/k~ its official… jimyo is taller than me… yuli is almost there.. wahhhh

  2. nooooooooooo
    say it ain’t so:(

  3. He’s taller than me.

  4. I love that side of the family. I feel like a GIANT! Buncha shrimps for as far as the eye can see. In fact, I can always see the horizon.

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