Globally Recognized Avatar and Other Cool Stuff

I linked Gravatar – Globally Recognized Avatar in my cos I made a gravatar from my Yahoo!Avatar. It’s kinda cool cos HaloScan (which Seth uses for commenting) and some other services, recognize it, so then a little avatar appears next to my comments. I didn’t even know! I just signed up cos I been signing up for things left and right:p and I thought maybe someday it might come in useful.

It would be even cooler if Yahoo!Avatars would support operating systems besides Windows OSes and browsers besides Internet Explorer:p And if it would do the globally (sorta) recognized bit!

Maybe they’ll do it though sometime now that they are launching the Yahoo!360° beta. Just when I was wondering if Yahoo! would ever have a blogging service — well earlier this year anyhows:) It looks like they are also going to maybe have a flickr type service (photo sharing) and a type service (online bookmarks) and more! I hate this invitation only beta stuff though:p If any of you people have invites, I want one!

Oh speaking of invitation only beta stuff, which I totally blame Google for, if anyone wants an invite for Gmail or whatever, lemme know:p

And one last thing: I feel like since I stopped using <div>s inside my posts, IE has had fewer troubles with my blog. Anyone else notice this? Maybe the particular version of IE I’m using (IE 6 SP 2 on Windows XP SP2) just doesn’t like nested divs much:p

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  1. I think yahoo is going to make Avatars available for Mozilla.
    Which I hope will also make it work on the Mac.

    I’m not sure what I think about 360. I will surely give you an invite when I have one.

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