I am Deaf. And Dumb.

Weather was crappy and rainy and I left my umbrella somewhere. I’m thinking (hoping) Julie’s car cos then it’s not lost. I mean, it makes sense… I barely got me out of the car, never mind an umbrella!

So an acqaintance and I were making small talk about the weather cos you know, we’re weather wimps around here. If I were somewhere else, I would maybe not complain (though seriously, cold rain sucks), but we’re in California! It’s March!! Stop with the good weather teasing and start with the good weather already:p

Anyhows, she said something about how her girlfriend is from Michigan, so she can’t complain about cold weather cos the Bay Area doesn’t really get cold. (I don’t know why but it’s italics day ’round these here parts.) So my response back was all about how actually she’s (the girlfriend) totally right cos when I was in Maryland, the few Michigan people I vaguely knew (Mr. Yee, dunno why he came to mind) complained about how Marylanders couldn’t drive in bad weather and I guess it’s all relative and etcetcetc inanities. Then she replied back something about how she’s noticed though that her boyfriend (emphasis mine, but who knows, my mind was reeling with OOOOOOOOOPSIES! SHIT!!! maybe I missed her emphasis) deals v. poorly with hot weather. I don’t know how the rest of the conversation went, except I tried to use HE to let her know that I just misheard the first time around and I got it now. Seriously, I was trying to decide if I should’ve apologized or something or if I should just keep trying to subtly let her know that I fucked up and I get it now. Am dumb. Never decided. Just tried to end the conversation ASAP. Honestly, I should just stop talking to people during work. How I managed to get past the interview process, I’ll never know.


  1. it’s supposed to rain all week

  2. Rain outside and in. Our ghetto office has leaky ceilings and we’re on the top floor.

  3. Your umbrella IS in my car… along w/Yutin’s glasses!!!

  4. Oops… that was me, Julie, who posted the last comment!

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