It’s Spring, No One Wants to Work.

The weather (I know, I’m talking about the weather again, I’m sorry) has been soooo beautiful lately. Especially after all the rain for weeks and weeks, the bright blue skies and sunny warmth is so lovely. It’s hard to be inside. I spend a lot of time looking outside, or walking slowly, or picking lunch places with outdoor seating:p

Unfortunately, I think computers feel the same way. Seriously, I think I’ve reinstalled like 5 computers since mid-February. It’s craziness!!! They’re all like… nooooooo, turn me back off. NOW! Gah!

Addendum: This includes the UMD basketball team. I forgot to mention, the Terps lost in the first round of the ACC tournament. They knew that the game was must win! Actually, the last game of the season was pretty must win too, but the first game of the ACC tournament was must-must-win! And they lost! For the third time in one season to Clemson! Gaaaaaaaah! Now they won’t make it to the NCAA tournament. Who am I going to put way further into the tournament bracket than they deserve now?


  1. good thing they lost~ better chance of me getting it! muhahhaha… lol not!

  2. How about Illinois? They’re going out, and they’re going out hard!

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