Madness Continues

2005 NCAA Seth
Seth’s bracket. (Ok St)

Okay I am so depressed now. It’s like this year every school decided to try and fill Maryland’s disappoint-me-no-end shoes:p

Gaaaaah. Will calculate everything later, and add on to this post.

Okay it’s later, here’s the scores:
First Round Scoring Breakdown NCAA 2005

Seth is winning! Leading the race for the postcard or sticker or whatever:p

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  1. YAY! im not losing! lol thats all that matters=P
    lol anyways so like today was so hot. cuz like we got back into our groups and like we did another lab similar to the one we just did. and we were doin calculations and stuff and i was like Mg + HCL -> 2MgCl2 + H2

    and they were all like wtf howd you know that? and i was like heehee
    and llike i walked em through all the calculations and they were like danggg u smart and i was like hehe… i get it all from my cousin! LOL

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