March Madness

Lost networking for an hour here at work. Dooooooood! It’s like impossible to work with no networking nowadays. But it gave me time to think about March Madness and fill out my NCAA basketball tournament bracket (which I luckily printed out on paper before the outage:D

Since I never pay any attention to sports ’til just in time for March Madness, this is tough:D Still though, it’s my fave yearly sports thing. Cos it’s 1 game decides it all, so it’s exciting. When I’m done I’ll put up my efforts. This whole no UMd thing is messing me up:p

If anyone wants to submit theirs, I’ll put it up too. Lessee… 1 pt for each first round game, 2 pts for each second round game, then 3, 4, 6, and finally 8 pts for the championship game. (I copied that from Todd.) Whoever wins will get a sticker or a postcard or both or something:p Mail me at whichever address you like, or nothingedifying at yahoo dot com.

Okay here it is, I still might edit this some more. If you’re wondering if Oklahoma State is really good this year and you never heard of it, then I’ll tell ya, me neither:p



  1. Actually, the only year that I did well in a pool for the NCAA tournament was when I knew very little of the details… fished out a team from Michigan with the “Fab Five” because I liked their nickname… since I’ve been more of a sports junkie after that, I’ve never really been able to compete…

  2. I don’t follow sports, but I can’t help liking March Madness. Whenever they are in the tourny, I always pick Gorgonzola to go far. How could they possibly lose with a name like that!

    The best would be if UC Santa Cruz won it all. Imagine Dick Vitale screaming, “They’ve done it, the banana slugs have won!!”

  3. Hehehe:)

    This is like when Jessica Simpson and also the dog both did better than Nick Lachey at last year’s pool.

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