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So it’s March, and I was gonna write this post (or something like it) yesterday, but I got distracted. I dunno why, I didn’t like college all that much for chunks of it, but dooood, making Sims go to school is ok:D teeheehee — more on that later, probably:p

February was like a month for scaring people off children, what with the wailing and messy cake eating and whatnot:D I didn’t mean to! Actually for a person with no children, I posted about kids a lot! Okay twice. Whatever!

About that time I thought I messed up my divs again: I think I didn’t. Only on my father-in-law’s laptop (the 10 lb 17″ screen behemoth), the resolution is really high, but the font size is also turned waaaaaay up so I think it messed up the display cos every line took up sooo much space. Thank goodness, cos I’m not that with it in terms of this web stuff and fixing divs and other such things are tedious, if not impossible!!!

Internet Explorer 6 seems to display things weird, what with the disappearing and reappearing text stuff. I think scrolling up and down fixes it sometimes, but IT’S SO WEIRD!! I hate not knowing what’s wrong:p

IE6 Problem
See what I mean? That’s just not normal
So what am I doing wrong? Grrr… luckily less than 50% of the visits to this site are on IE6.

Okay, on to other stuff:) It’s been fun, but I do think that it’s extremely resource intensive. It’s certainly the most resource intensive application that I run, bar none. So in a way, my reinstallation was a good thing, albiet a pain:p I have an AMD Athlon 1900 with 512mb RAM and a GeForce FX 5200 vid card, which I’ve had for years, but it’s been fine for everything else. It’s almost fine except now and then there’s a little pause when there’s lots of characters or something. Maybe turn off some processes if you have a lot running, which is what the instruction booklet says to do, but their advice seems really aggressive:p

Speaking of excess processes though, now, for the advice portion of this post!
Kitty: lol well ur not online buh i wanted to ask you. is weatherbug spyware?… cuz its from nbc… sooo im not sure…

I don’t think you should install Weatherbug. It’s not spyware or anything, but the free version has ad-ware to serve those ads, so to me, it’s like why bother:p Plus some people have complained about how it can be difficult to uninstall. Yuck:p

Okay all this Sims talk is making me wanna play!

I forgot to mention this. University is fun except for the Greek System. It’s all messed up!! Like everytime I invite the frat brothers over cos I want one of my chars to join the frat, they make motions like there’s something in their way, then they all fall down to the ground and you CAN’T INTERACT with them! But the scenario requires that you get to know them a little before you can join the frat. And so then I tried to play the frat house and it just never loads up. So yeah, needs patch. That sucks though.

The forums make it sound like it’s if you have a lot of hacks and downloaded stuff installed that you have problems. But I had a completely clean installation of The Sims 2 and almost completely clean installation of my computer, so I don’t think that’s it. Oh well, guess shoulda waited for the first patch:p That’s soooo wrong:p


  1. thanks!
    uhmm and yeah ok so omg that screen is exactly how i see your blog a lot of the time. i try to highlite buh it doesnt work all the time. buh its ok rite now…

  2. man that sux. hope they fix it.

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