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There are probably spoilers if you care about that sort of thing:›

There’s a competition between CSI and Law & Order for the most and best franchises (it’s like KFC vs Popeyes:p) — CSI, CSI: Miami, and CSI: NY vs Law & Order, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and now Law & Order: Trial by Jury. I like Law & Order better myself; if nothing else I find all of them watchable, whereas I only watch CSI.

Today was the premiere of Law & Order: Trial by Jury. I wasn’t sure it was going to be good, but I knew I was going to watch it cos it’s one of Jerry Orbach’s last performances. Dooooood, I love Lennie Briscoe! He made Law & Order great! He had these great lines! And today, I found how that he kept up with technology! He charmed a woman into testifying for the grand jury by saying something like, “hey, haven’t I seen you in some commercial?” and when his partner made some comment about how it was an easy guess that she was an actress but Lennie’d even managed to have seen a commercial, Lennie said, “Actually Tivo has this nice little button that lets me skip all of the commercials.” Zing! :) I really miss Lennie on Law & Order. I mean, I love Green and Fontana’s growing on me, but neither of them can deliver sarcastic smartass like Briscoe.

Despite my doubts, I liked Trial by Jury. I mean, it made me stop playing The Sims 2 University! In Law & Order (any of them), you always see a lot of cop work and prosecution work. Although you see a bit more of the prosecution (like the witness preparation), in Trial by Jury, you see a lot of the defense and the jury stuff, like the part (which they showed a lot on the preview/commercials) where Maggie Detweiller the defense attorney got advice from the jury consultants: “I would start with, ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, where is the body?'” was really cool. And I liked the part where Candice Bergen (the judge) complained to another judge that the jury had been deliberating for days, and the other judge said, juries all over the country will be finishing up deliberations tonight. When Candice Bergon asked why, he said, “The playoffs are starting tomorrow.” Good times, good times:)

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  1. i skimmed through that post only finding words like law and jury and stuff not of my interest. and then i stumbled across the words sims university! o you got me so excited! but only to see that you werent playing it over some law junx~ BLAH

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