More March Madness

I talked CT and Yut into filling one out too:) If anyone else wants this spreadsheet to fill out, lemme know:D It’s really Todd’s spreadsheet. I’m taking all of his stuff and running a lil pool of my own:)

NCAA 2005 CT
CT’s bracket – She forgot to pick a winner… Ok she verbally said Charlotte. It’s the name of one of her Sims:p

ncaa 2005 Yut
Yut’s bracket (he picked Connecticut)

It’s free! There’s no downside! Not much of an upside either, of course, but whatever!

NCAA 2005 Kitty
Kitty’s bracket
Only she forgot to pick a winner, too. So I asked her, and she said, “uh… UCLA! lol!”

NCAA 2005 misa
misa’s bracket. She picked Illinois:)

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