Second Round Results

NCAA 2005 Second Round Complete
I don’t even know what to say. Kitty is winning!?!?! The Points Already Lost is the future points you can’t possibly get because the teams you picked to win already lost.

Gladiator is on tv. When we flipped to it, I didn’t know what was on, but Yut guessed Gladiator and then said, “Uh oh! Are you getting sleepy?” Cos we tried to watch this movie three times in the theater and on DVD but I managed to fall asleep everytime:p Bad timing, I guess:)


  1. Here’s what’s going down with Charlotte. Her hubby will cheat on her…with her BROTHER!! muahahaha


  2. I know…
    You should’ve heard me yelling and cursing at Wake:p before I lost hope up and got quiet hehe

    Also, “Anonymous”(haha) I think you don’t need torture-your-Sim ideas:p I shouldn’t’ve even tried!! Can’t keep up:p

  3. YAY! GO MEEEE! muhahahah! buh u ruined it for me! ur not supposed to say ive already lost! the point is im winning now and i can rub it in ppls faces for the time being! geez ruin my gloating… if thats a word… LOL

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